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Crossfit Program 14/11/2016 – 20/11/2016

Posted 13th November 2016 by Geoff Stewart


Week 3. This is our last adaption week before we dial it up again. Another good week under those ever tightened belts – again let’s keep this focus. Our adaption phase is about getting a good amount of volume into our muscles, tendons, ligaments, building and improving skills. It'[s about nailing those positions over and over, grinding those patterns, accustoming ourselves to movement before we increase our intensity (weight lifted) so we can maintain these hard worked for forms and positions when put under new stressors in the coming weeks.

Our focused clean day is about position and we will be using a 2 position clean drill to reinforce. We will also be looking at getting that weight overhead with a Power jerk and a Split jerk – you’ll need to put your brave pants on for these lifts. Don’t worry too much about chasing those numbers just yet, we want to you to be aware of where you are with your numbers but be fluid please folks.

This week’s focus.

Cleans days: Work those drills, this is where the magic is. There is still an amount of volume in these session so form over weight please.

Strength: The numbers have gone down again and we are back to solid TUT (time under tension lifts), track those numbers and look for some extra kgs.

Breathing workouts: So the aim of these workout days is to test your energy systems, work hard, build a sweat and enjoy.

WODs: Get the work done – simple and honest.

Accessory work: DO IT. It’s very, very important.


CF_Hackney block 1 clean n press