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Crossfit training program

Posted 20th November 2016 by Geoff Stewart

Week 4 of this 6 week program is upon us. The intensity is going up (more weight on the bar): there will be a little bit more rest than you’re used to but that isn’t a bad thing, as we increase the intensity our nervous/energy systems need a bit longer to recover so make the most of this time guys.

I was asked this week about repetition. Not in the sense of your doing 8 reps, but why do we do the same thing so often and repete a lot of the same movements. I come from a professional sports background and training for competition is all about repetition – many, many hours, day in day out honing the movements. Mel Siff in his book Supertraining (one of most interesting yet boring reads you’re ever likely to have) describes the principle of repetition as development of motor ability so the athlete no longer needs to concentrate consciously on the movement to perform it efficiently. The learned skill becomes an automatic, conditioned reflex so you can get on with working harder.

This week’s focus.

Warm up and Mobility:  These sections prepare you for the movements and work to come, they fire up your nervous system and get blood pumping. If you’re struggling with your mobility ask your coach for some pointers. I spend at least 3-5mins on training days doing the “Russian baby maker” – try it.

Cleans days: You are going to be getting some rest and we would like you to build up the weight through the sets – always focus on great form even when the weights might be feeling light. As well as practising great form sometimes you also need to spend some time watching people doing a movement really well. Check out the Ilya Ilyin world record and wait for the slow motion.

Strength: The rep numbers have gone down again and we are looking for some heavier lifting on your final sets. We would like to go for a ME (max Effort) reps set then rest 10-20 seconds then perform one perfect rep, always try and leave with a good rep in the bank, your body will remember it.

Breathing workouts: Yes there is some rowing in these days remember what are working towards guys – a 4 min Thomas test in our final week.

WODs: Get the work done simple and honest.

Accessory work: DO IT. It’s very, very important. Supplemental exercises will help you make improvements in the main lifts.

CF_Hackney block 1 clean n press