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Crossfit training program 28/11/2016 – 4/12/2016

Posted 27th November 2016 by Geoff Stewart


Into Week 5 of 6, this is our final intensification week before we get into our testing or realization week so it’s time to really dial in that form and take even more notice of those numbers (a bit more on this later). This week is similar to last week in its goals and focus – remember per last weeks notes perfect repetition makes perfect.

So what about those lifting percentages that 1RM and all these numbers: what do they actually mean? If you’re a novice lifter (less than 2 years actual lifting) you might be able to see a big jump in your weights and set new numbers every time you go to the gym because your body is learning better movement and learning to recruit more muscle fibres, if you’re a more experienced lifter (3 years plus) this slows down and we begin to get into diminished returns. There are also factors of age, injury, training goals, timing, neurological uptake etc. which come into play and can affect the numbers. We like to use numbers because there is some science behind them and they allow us to predict how much work you should be able to do at a set percentage, targets which should be manageable and the training effect we are after. But we aren’t great fans of the 1RM it encourages bad form and can be dangerous to novice lifters – the magic is in 3-5RMs which can allow you to calculate pretty accurately your 1RM if needed.

Numbers and percentages will feel different to everyone. So what should you really be looking for in the session and what should it be feeling like? This is a far better question and much more achievable for GPP programming and athletes, Gregg Evert from Catalyst atheletics has written an interesting piece for a better under standing.

This week’s focus.

Warm up and Mobility: Get into it earlier folks and make the warm up count, it takes a number of you at least 30 minutes before you’re moving fluidly and then we are into our sessions.

Cleans days: As per last week we are going to be giving you a little bit more rest and are going to be asking you to increase your weights as you go through the set and session. The focus still remains on form and position but let’s move some weight please. Remember we are looking to test your 3RM clean and your GRACE time.

Strength: Looking for you to maintain a good solid basic strength base the reps are in the 3-5 range, see how they feel and increase the weight on the bar if it feels good. We will always be aiming to build on our strength base as it’s the mother of all training qualities.

Breathing workouts: These days we want you to be working hard but they are NOT about flat-lining (RPE 9-10) we want you to stay moving and working hard. If you’re having to stop or slow down your pace/tempo too much. We are starting to lose the training effect we are after.

WODs: Yes they are still there. As many of you are finding out just because they look simple doesn’t mean they feel it.

Accessory work: As always, those little stabilsing muscles allow those bigger moving muscle to do their job better, more effectively and safer.

Get it done

CF_Hackney block 1 clean n press