Christmas Weapons!

Josh Schouten | 11-11-2016
Tis the Season to get Strong and Aerobic. Well we've had an amazing year in weapons, the programming has seen you lot improve hugely with gymnastics and seeing wods get heavier and you lot handling them like pros. So what does this last block of 2016 contain, huge aerobic capacity workouts and some big strength gains will be in here... [Read more]

Heavy Metcon 9/11/16

Geoff Stewart | 08-11-2016
  Warm up because it cold.   Round 1 -12 mins Alt with partner - YGIG Back squat 5 resp Farmers carry 50%Bw in each hand   Round 2 – 12mns Alt with partner - YGIG Bench press 5reps DB traveling press up walk   Round 3 – 20mins Teams 4 Follow the leader you bike until rack carry returns... [Read more]

Crossfit training programs 7/11/2016 – 13/11/2016

Geoff Stewart | 06-11-2016
Week 2 is upon us already and a chill is in the air. But that doesn’t seem to have affected you guys and the amount of work you're putting in. Well done guys it seems you are carrying a cracking level of fitness forward from our last phase and hitting this one with some good old fashioned vengeance. Our double... [Read more]

Barbell Club Phase 11- Intensification

Jenna Fisher
The last phase was a high volume, hard, sweaty slog. You all did an amazing job and it made me so proud to see how you have all developed this year.  To maximise that development before hitting the volume again the next phase will focus on lower reps so that you can expose your body to heavier weight. This may... [Read more]

heavy Metcon 2/11/16

Geoff Stewart | 01-11-2016
                Warm up - Like you mean it x Ladders............. Working with a partner in a YGIG format. 6min to climb the ladder for main exercises 3min alt faast reps for manmakers   Power cleans (medium / heavy) Manmakers DB / KB - fluid Pull ups Manmakers DB / Kb Deadlifts (medium /... [Read more]