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Crossfit Hackney training program 28th – 31st December 2016

Posted 27th December 2016 by Geoff Stewart


It’s that funny time of year between the Christmas blow out and the New Year knees up. You’ve had enough of your relatives, you’ve over done pretty much everything and eaten every last Quality Street in the box even if you didn’t like them. So in this intervening period before the New Year dawns we are aiming to get you back into gym, dust down your singlets, get you moving, remind yourselves what’s it like to get your heart rate up and maybe even build up an appetite for yet more cold meat.

These days aren’t designed to be gut busting, keep the weights to the low end of your percentage 1rpm, work within your known limits, work on finding that post holiday form, think about the way you’re moving (or should be moving), there is plenty of work to come in the New Year’s training plan – think of this as an appetiser.

Wednesday 28th – Squat / Pull

Thursday 29th – Clean / Breathing

Friday 30th – Deadlift / Push

Saturday 31st- Snatch / Breathing


Wednesday 28th December 2016 – Squat / Pull

Warm up / Mobility -10mins

Lunge flow

Wall squats

Paused KB goblet squats

Hanging shrugs

Banded rows


16min – E4MO4M -4sets

In a 4min window complete :

A1 Back squats 4×8-10 / 10-15 3010

A2 Pull ups 4×6-8 3010 scale as needed


12mins EMOM – 12 sets

Odd 20x box step ups @ BW

Even 10x double KB bent over rows @ medium


WOD – working in 3s as many rounds each in 12mins

Row 200 mtrs

10 wall balls


Thursday 29th December 2016 – Clean / Breathing

Warm up / Mobility -10mins

Stick mobility

Muscle clean

High pull

Power clean

Front squat

Scarecrow squat clean

Full Clean


8mins EMOM – 8sets

Odd min 3x Clean high pulls

Even 3x Power cleans


8min E2MO2M -4 sets

2x1x mid hang power clean /mid hang squat clean

2x1x power clean / squat clean


Breathing – 18mins

In a 6×3 min window adding 2 and 10 reps each round

Rnd 1. 5x BB thrusters 45/30kg and 20 DU / 40singles

Rnd 2. 7x BB thrusters 45/30kg and 30 DU / 60singles

Rnd 3. 9x BB thrusters 45/30kg and 40 DU / 80singles

Rnd 4. 11x BB thrusters 45/30kg and 50 DU / 100singles

Rnd 5. 13x BB thrusters 45/30kg and 60 DU / 120singles

Rnd 6. 15x BB thrusters 45/30kg and 70 DU / 140singles


Friday 30th December 2016 – Deadlift / Push

Warm up / Mobility – 10mins

Lunge flow

Banded RDL

Banded rows

Scapula press ups

Walkout to press ups


16min – E4MO4M – 4sets

In a 4min window complete:

A1 Deadlifts 4×8-10 / 10-15 3011

A2 Fixed dips 4×6-8

Scales to feet on floor dip > Press ups


12mins EMOM – 12sets

Odd 20x RKB swings @medium

Even 10x ring press ups > press ups > FLR hold


WOD – 10mins AMRAP

10x T2B > K2E > V sit > sit ups

10x Box jumps > step ups

10x Burpees


Saturday 31st December 2016 – Snatch / Breathing

Warm up / Mobility -10mins

Stick mobility

Muscle Sntach

Snatch high pull

Power Snatch

OH squat

Scarecrow squat snatch

Full Snatch


8min EMOM – 8sets

Odd min 3x Santch high pulls

Even 3x Power snatches


8min E2MO2M -4 sets

2x1x mid hang power snatch /mid hang squat snatch

2x1x power snatch / squat snatch


Breathing – 20mins

20min workout with a partner

P1 Run 400meters

P2 Do as many rounds as “Cindy” as possible

Always start your next round where partner left off – MAX rounds please