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Whole Life Challenge 2017 – Part III

Posted 3rd January 2017 by Josh Schouten

Results start with being humble – Pesca

Now we’re thinking about how we can make this work for 56 days and beyond. To help the chances of succeeding there’s a few things we can get in order to make sure we are successful.

  1. Set goals why-how-what
    1.  – Goals should start with why, how and then what. Work inside to out and fit out what you want (not what people expect of you)
    2. – They must be handwritten
    3. – They must be visual EVERYDAY ( Fridge door ETC)
    4. – Must being with ” I will…..”
    5. – A copy of these must be emailed to me so I know where we are at and what we are working towards!
    6. – 3 Major Goals and 3 shorter term goals that will get us to the major goals. How do you think you will we achieve these goals?
  1. Time Managment
    1. Organise yourself on a Sunday for the weeks events, social commitments and anything that you hold in regard
    2. Be selfish, it’s your goal. You’re doing this for you, not to impress.
    3. We have 168 hours a week. Where are you spending them? Check-in and make sure you’re not wasting them. “I have no time” is an excuse. Complaining has a 0% investment on return.
    4. Are you lacking time? Why not buy it back? Fresh Fitness Food will deliver food daily to your door. It’s specific to your goals and highly recommend if you’re time poor. Momentum10 will get you a cheeky 10% discount.


Please print this and keep this handy at home to make the challenge as easy a possible. Click here for levels.

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