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Barbell Club 2017 – Phase 2

Posted 29th January 2017 by Jenna Fisher

Dogs in hats phase 2

The focus of this month’s programme is to prepare you for next month’s German Volume Training.

GVT (10 sets of 10) is one of my favourite methods. It got some of my best results for muscle growth and satisfied my psychological need to dig a cave and sit in it πŸ™‚ If you put in the effort with a challenging weight and stick to the tempo and rest periods it should be a success. To keep the body composition element you will be supersetting an upper and lower movement in both classes when you do this next month.

10 sets of 10 is demanding so it is important to spend this month preparing your body for what is to come.Β The A exercises are heavy compound movements for 5 sets of 10. The B exercises are also 5 sets of 10 but are less demanding movements with a lighter weight. This will allow you to complete the required volume of 10 sets of 10 reps but at a lesser intensity. It is important to build this solid base before all ten sets are completed in one heavy compound movement next month.

To get the most out of this month’s programme you will need to adhere to the tempos and pauses and perform the specified stances (toes in, toes out, sumo etc). These will target the muscles slightly differently to aid your performance when you go back to the conventional stances for GVT.Β 

This is the first month I will not be seeing you in the Monday class so make sure you are working hard, recording your numbers, and let me know how you are doing. Love and hugs x


Barbell Club 2017 – Phase 2 excel

Barbell Club 2017 – Phase 2 pdf