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Barbell Club 2017 – Phase 3, GVT (10×10)

Posted 26th February 2017 by Jenna Fisher

Dogs in hats phase 3

German Volume Training is a personal favourite of mine. I use it when I want to dig a deep dark pain cave and sit in it alone. As a side bonus it gets great results.

GVT can break plateaus and achieve training goals for powerlifters, bodybuilders and Olympic lifters. In an ideal world we would be doing just one movement per class to achieve maximum results for that muscle group. Since we only have two sessions per week however, we will be super-setting one lower body and one upper body movement in both classes. Personally I prefer it this way as I shed more fat.

That said, if size is your first priority I am happy for you to do just one movement per class. Complete the other movements in open gym. If composition is more your goal the upper/lower split will be more appropriate.

Start at 60%. If you complete all ten reps for all ten sets with good form increase the weight the next week. All sets must be completed at the same weight so do not load the bar heavier if you will need to reduce it part way through. If you are achieving all ten sets aim to work the percentage up every week. For those with solid years of training experience 75% can be achieved by the end (yes, I tested it). That said, it would not be beneficial to attempt this too soon in your training age.

For those doing Group PT or CrossFit, I am happy for you to choose which of the exercise options you do so that the movements do not clash with your other classes.

Since we are in a class setting I have also given flexibility with regards to equipment and scaled pulling exercises.

New members: please speak to your coach to give you an alternative workout. You are still very welcome in the class. It is a lovely environment and great way to learn movement patterns and make some solid friends. We just need to build you up safely with an adapted programme that works for you.

For everyone else. Work hard. This should be unpleasant. In the best kind of way.


Jenna x 

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