CF training program, Phase 2, week 2, 3/4/17 – 9/4/17

Geoff Stewart | 31-03-2017
Welcome to week 2 of our second 12 week program of 2017. Hopefully Barbara has been a kind mistress and not left you with many aches and pains? This week... This week we are hanging in with some testing to set some benchmark stats which you can then work on and re-test against as we move our way through this phase. On your lower... [Read more]

Gymnastics: Bent Arm Strength (muscle up prep) & Handstands Phase 5

Josh Schouten | 29-03-2017
Who wants a muscle-up?  The muscle-up is a great exercise to build upper body pulling and pushing strength, they are a compound exercise that trains a huge number of muscles, and they look dope!   They also require a significant amount of pulling strength, push strength, shoulder mobility, and shoulder stability.  Those who value their shoulders will take the time... [Read more]

Heavy Met con 29/3/2017

Geoff Stewart | 28-03-2017
Mobilise and Warm up Squats 10 Press ups 5 Alt lunges 10 Ring rows 5 x 5 rounds   Tidal Wave 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1: Bench Press @BW Strict Pull-ups In between set of BP and PU Work through list in any order you fancy: 1. 60 kcal row 2. 3min on bike for distance 3. 30 Burpee box jump 4. 60 goblet... [Read more]

Barbell Club 2017 – Phase 4

Jenna Fisher | 26-03-2017
It has been great to hear the results you achieved during the last phase. Since it has been fairly heavy high volume the exposure will change for this phase before returning to old school bodybuilding next month. The start of each session will be low volume strength sets. This will provide a new stimulus by loading you with a heavier... [Read more]

Crossfit Hackney program: phase 2 week 1, 27/3/17 – 2/4/17

Geoff Stewart | 24-03-2017
Welcome to week 1 our second 12 week program of 2017, entitled "functional bodybuilding" or Barbara. This 12 week training block is going to split your week into lower body push, upper body pull, olympic clean day,  lower body pull,  upper body push and olympic snatch days. These days will switch around so you all get a good balance of training days... [Read more]

Heavy Metcon 22/3/2017

Geoff Stewart | 21-03-2017
Mobility Warm up - 10min working on your own. KB squats x10 Press us x10 KB swings x10 Ring rows x10   Working in teams 3 EMOM x4 each partner (12min) 5 reps -Back squats @80%BW ME Rowing   EMOM x4 each partner (12min) 5 reps -  Deadlifts @ 150%BW ME Bike   EMOM x4 each partner (12min) 5 reps... [Read more]

The Fastest Way to Get Better At CrossFit – PART 2

Josh Schouten | 16-03-2017
If you are going to play at CrossFit, you better be willing to learn to move efficiently. In part 1 of the fastest way to get better at CrossFit, we discussed the importance of movement quality and how it dictates performance. This week this we continue to talk about performance and take a look at another significant element, strength. “My goal is not to... [Read more]