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Barbell Club 2017 – Phase 4

Posted 26th March 2017 by Jenna Fisher

Dog in hat phase 4 - use this

It has been great to hear the results you achieved during the last phase. Since it has been fairly heavy high volume the exposure will change for this phase before returning to old school bodybuilding next month.

The start of each session will be low volume strength sets. This will provide a new stimulus by loading you with a heavier weight and a more advanced bodyweight movement. The style of squat and deadlift will change from that used for GVT so that the muscles engage in a broader range. Your coach can provide an appropriate scale if needed – please do ask.

The circuit that follows is designed to create a lactic burn with only 30 seconds rest between each station. Movement quality is always the priority but if good form is locked in no need to be shy on loading up the lower body to make it spicy. Legs and butt should feel rock hard and pumped by the end of session 1. Swollen shoulders and biceps please for the circuit in session 2.

Since GVT utilised only four compound movements the circuit will include some isolation to encourage balance. Fortunately these movements also heighten the burn thereby making the compound movements more challenging. 

Personally, the fifth set of Bulgarians was when I hit heaven. Feel your hamstrings quiver and enjoy the ride xx

Logistics for the legs circuit:

A few pieces of equipment are needed for this. It should be simple to set up if you follow these instructions.

For a class of 20:

-4 groups of 3 people and 2 groups of 4 people

-I suggest the girls make up the teams of 4 because they are generally more organised. This is not intended as discrimination; just simply what I’ve seen during years of teaching classes. (I do love you boys, but you really do faff)

-Each group has an allocated space to set up their circuit. There is plenty of room!

-One person gets a box, heels elevator, and kettlebell or weight plate 

-One person sets up a deadlift bar or rack pull

-One person gets a bench (to put foot on for Bulgarians) and dumbbells 

-There is 30 secs rest between each station – plenty of time to adjust the weight on the DL bar

-Follow each other around the circuit

Once you get going this should be fluid. I have tested it


Team work all! Try not to spend an hour with a group of people and not even know their name


Jenna x

Barbell Club 2017 – Phase 4 excel

Barbell Club 2017 – Phase 4 pdf