Barbell Club Phase 5 – Return of the Golden Era

Posted 30th April 2017 by Jenna Fisher

Dog in hat - phase 7

Following the success last year, Barbell Club will return to a mesocycle of 70s inspired bodybuilding. Known as the Golden era, the 70s produced the physiques of Arnold Schwarzenegger, Frank Zane, Franco Columbu, Lou Ferrigno, Boyer Coe, Bill Grant and Mike Mentzer, to name a few.

The key to creating muscle shape was high volume, minimum rest and mixed muscle groups. An added bonus to this approach was the increased fat burning benefits.


CF training program, Phase 2, week 6, 1/5/17 – 7/5/17

Posted 28th April 2017 by Geoff Stewart


Welcome to week 6 of our second 12 week program of 2017.

This week…

Week 6 is upon us already. So Barbara has switched her days around and when this happens as always people get a whole new set of aches (walking like cowboys – those 1 1/4 squats have taken their toll), but all good aches we are pleased to report. Do be mindful of recovery please. Josh has taken himself away on a boat to look at goldfish so you’ve got a break from the bad jokes this week. Again folks please remember we have 2 levels: Strong and Fit programming: make a sensible choice.

Enjoy x


Heavy Metcon 26/3/17

Posted 25th April 2017 by Geoff Stewart


Is that fun time of the week again.


Working with a partner alternating reps for 4min per station x2 rounds.

Clean to thruster @ 60kg / 45kg

Alt lengths sled pushing @100kg

Burped pull ups @ BW

20sec each on Bike  @ME

Deadlifts @120kg / 80kg



Whole Life Challenge – May 20th – 14th July 2017

Posted by Josh Schouten

Whole Life Challenge

3,2,1…GO!!! Who’s up for a “Whole Life Challenge” (WLC)? In 2017 Momentum Training will be encouraging our members to take part in a WLC with the next one running from 20th May – 14th July 2017. wlc-league-logo-1418096ba62a7f9efe030fd3516dd016413c49741ac27d48fc70356103756938The 56 days of the WLC will help you create healthy lifestyle habits and a routine that’s all about results not only in the gym but also outside as well.

We have registered a WLC team (Momentum Training). Join our group by using the Momentum Training link. If you sign up before May 4th the investment will be $39USD or $29USD for returning clients, late registrations will be $49USD. The WLC online platform creates a community for our gym members and measures individuals and us as a team against the countless other CrossFit affiliates taking part in the 2017 WLC event.  If you need a kick up the backside, get signed up and leave the excuses at the doorstep.

There will be more info to come over the next few weeks, in the mean time you will find the outline of the challenge below. (more…)

CF training program, Phase 2, week 5, 24/4/17 – 30/4/17

Posted 21st April 2017 by Geoff Stewart


Welcome to week 5 of our second 12 week program of 2017.

This week…

Welcome to week 5. Barbara is switching it around bit and for the next 4 weeks we are shuffling the days around so everyone gets a good exposure to every day. She has got some nice little numbers for you with an intresting Bergeron burner on Saturday and some spicy partner WODs.We are also beginning to ramp up the work a touch. You should all know what the exercise prescription is and what tempo and effect we are looking for. Please remember guys we have 2 levels: Strong and Fit, be wise with your choice its about what’s best for you and will get you to your goals, not what the person next to you is trying to do!

Enjoy x