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CrossFit Gymnastics – Phase 2

Posted 21st June 2017 by Jenna Fisher


First of all huge congratulations to everyone for the last six weeks! You have been so much fun to coach and have achieved so much. Not only have there been first muscle ups (from around ten people I think?!) but triple sets as well. Many other firsts with handstand push ups and chin ups. Not to mention the bulging biceps ready for summer vests.

The next phase will continue to give you the opportunity to work on your chosen strength movement. If you have muscle ups you can progress from the last phase by targeting your weakest link. If it is the pull and transition you can perform x2 pull/transition + 1 dip. If it is the dip you can perform x1 pull/transition and x2 dips. If they are solid and you need a greater challenge you could perform x1 muscle up + x1 forward roll or x1 shoulder stand. The list of options is endless.

If you are still working towards your first muscle up your coach can progress your scale to ensure that you move forward from the last phase. Alternatively if you’d rather spend the 20 minutes perfecting your handstands or any other gymnastics movement you are more than welcome to do so. Your coach will give you a plan based on your personal goals.

For the second half of the class you will continue to have the option of doing either accessory strength or conditioning. The exercises and workouts have changed for this phase and are available on the attached sheet.

A great community has formed with the mornings regularly fully booked. If you have not yet tried it do come and join us. Even if only to see AK’s latest outfit.

Love and fun x


CrossFit Gymnastics – Phase 2