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Crossfit Weapons 23/7/2017

Posted 21st July 2017 by Geoff Stewart

Crossfit Weapons

A. 8min to AMRAP -light

10x KB swings

10x STOH ea

10x KB squats

10x Bent over rows

B. 15min EMOM -(5sets)- Build weight through set only 1 weight per complex

min1. 3x Deadlifts

min2.  2x power cleans

min3. 1x push press / jerk

C. 21/15/9 each AFAP

21x Deadlifts @45 /30 or lighter

21x power cleans

21x Push press

15x Deadlifts @45 /30

15x power cleans

15x Push press

9x Deadlifts @45 /30

9x power cleans

9x Push press

D. 16mins teams 2- Breath and move

work to rest  -1:1

Bike 60 sec

rest 60 sec

GTOH 60 sec @ 45/30kg MX

rest 60 sec