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CrossFit Gymnastics – August 2017

Posted 2nd August 2017 by Jenna Fisher

Owl in tutu

Another great month for muscle ups with three more people getting their first! Well done, this has been very exciting to watch.

For this reason the first 15 mins of class will remain a free space to keep practicing and locking these in if you would like to.

If muscle ups are not yet on your radar continue to work on your scale or another gymnastics movement that you would like to improve. I suggest handstands or shoulder stands on p-bars as the circuit in section 2 covers most of the standard CrossFit movements. Your coach can give you a scale appropriate to your level of experience.

Section 2 brings a complete change for this phase.

After a few months of bodybuilding to create a solid foundation we are going to switch to a bodyweight circuit to build on this. (Bodybuilding scales are available for those who are new to the class and not yet ready to support their bodyweight in a circuit-based context).

Record how you perform so that you can track your progress and aim to improve a little something each week. If in week one you achieve 6 pull ups instead of 8 and have increased this to 7 pull ups by the end of the phase then you know you have progressed. Or if in week one you only the complete the circuit 3 times and by week 5 you are able to complete all 5 rounds then again this is progress. For the more advanced levels you could try to decrease the time of completion each week. That said, quality should continue to be the priority in these movements.

For those of you who like to get a sweat on (predominantly the 6amers it seems) this circuit can be adapted by adding the bike/run/row/sled options in the section below. Again, scale these if you need to to suit your level of experience. 

The accessory exercises for this phase focus on midline strength and external rotation.

The thing that I love most about teaching this class is the community that has formed between you all. I am often asked by new members if it is ok to join in and the answer will always be yes, of course it is! You are sure to gain some new friends in addition to new skills. Happy to welcome you in x

CrossFit Gymnastics – August 2017