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Heavy Metcon – Old School Reunion

Posted 4th August 2017 by Jenna Fisher

HMC Special Edition

Don’t be scared. It’s just for fun.

Station 1

12 min EMOM

1 power clean + 1 hang clean + 1 push jerk (at least bodyweight on the bar)

Station 2

12 min bro sesh

5 bench press (@bodyweight)

10 deadlift (@1.5x bodyweight)

Station 3

12 min cave

6 mins of 2 thruster (@0.85x bodyweight) + 3 strict pull ups


6 mins of assault bike @ 45 secs hard effort + 15 secs moderate recovery

Station 4

12 mins of the fun stuff

8 dips

1 sled push (at least 100kg)

1 sled pull (heavy)


7 mins of bicep curls

x10 reps YGIG in teams of 3

Scales available. Please build not break.


Station 1: You perform the reps every minute on the minute for 12 minutes. If you can share a bar within a team of 3 you can each do a set every 20 secs so it’s back to person 1 for when the next minute starts.

Station 2: YGIG. Teams of 3. One on deadlift. One on bench. One resting while spotting the bench. Keep rotating through the exercises for the 12 minutes.

Station 3: Go it alone. As much as you can do in the timeframe.

Station 4: Teams of 3. One on each of the three exercises and rotate for 12 minutes.

Finisher: YGIG in teams of 3.

 2pm Saturday 5th August. Beers and BBQ after.