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Crossfit Hackney – Training Phase 3 of 2017 – Monostructural

Posted 26th September 2017 by Geoff Stewart

Monostrucral image

So we are moving towards our next new 6 week block of training (starting Monday 2 October 2017) and we will be calling it Monostructural, because that’s what it is (yes there is a gratuitous image above of some CF bods, and they do their share of monostructural work so we are going to do ours). When we say monostructural in the world of exercise and CF we refer to aerobic exercise, predominantly in the form of running, biking, rowing, swimming and jumping rope. Remember CF is a GPP program and we are interested in a rounded view of fitness and health – this block is a part of that rounded view. There are a lot of evolving views on monostructural training. It can and does in some areas of fitness mean medium to long aerobic workouts, but it also can be an element of a workout where you are looking to build and set a steady pace, not bust your balls and burn your lungs. We are looking to build your aerobic system which in turn will aid your recovery and improve that marvellous thing called work capacity. Which means you’ll be able to kick more ass and for longer.

So why are we doing this 6-week block? Because it’s an important piece of the training puzzle. The aerobic system forms the foundation for the anaerobic and the ATP systems (energy systems). If you want to be good at higher intensity workouts and training, you need to put some time in to develop a strong aerobic base. The better developed our aerobic system, the longer we can keep fatigue at bay during exercises of higher intensities and the quicker we can recover during periods of rest.

We know some of you might not be entirely comfortable with the thought of aspects of this phase and you might not be moving too well after some of the workouts coming your way (I certainly won’t be) but as we say  “trust the process”. The Crossfit game (and training game more generally) can be overcomplicated by internet morons and seen as being complex but it doesn’t need to be. Trust the process, do some things you might not really want to do, reap the benefits and enjoy your training. 

I thought I would throw in a little quote my wife sent me to get you thinking, pre-phase, because I’m a wanker like that:

“Sometimes when you’re in a dark place you think you’ve been buried, but you’ve actually been planted.” — Unknown

Remember this when you see a workout coming that you don’t like the look of.

Things to look out for in the phase:

On Saturday 7th October we will be doing a Murph day. We will have a full version and some scaled options. We’re not seeing this as a strict test day, but it is to give you an idea of how your aerobic/breathing game really is at this point in the phase, and also to get you into the mindset of some longer training pieces.

The10 min Bike test . YES that does say the 10min on the bike. I’m not going to tell you any more for now but look out for it. It will test your extended fitness and it touches the soul (for some not in a good way).

Deep breath, let’s go. x