CrossFit Gymnastics – November 2017

Posted 30th October 2017 by Jenna Fisher

Gymnastics November 2017

This month will take the handstand walk progression to shoulder taps against the wall. Focus on keeping a tight hollow midline and shifting your weight onto the supporting arm before lifting the other.

Last month’s push (dips) will now switch to pull with a pull up+TTB combination and legless rope climb. You can replace the pull ups with muscle ups if you are able to.

The next phase of the CrossFit programme features a deadlift and handstand push up test. I have therefore included HSPU in our programme to give you a head start 🙂

Double unders also feature with some max effort attempts to see if you can increase your highest unbroken score.

And for anyone joining Maxwell for a Murph finale in 11th November open gym there are some one and a half rep push ups to give your triceps some spice.

Enjoy x

CrossFit Gymnastics – November 2017

Heavy Metcon 01/11/2017

Posted 28th October 2017 by Jenna Fisher

Heavy Met-Con

This is an advanced class. You can scale the weight but you must be able to read the programme and set up with minimal instruction. Read the notes at the bottom for detail on how to do this. Each team is responsible for itself. Move from one circuit to the next when you are ready. Work together. Form a system. Have fun x


6 mins to warm up and set up.


Part A. Work in pairs. YGIG.

8 rounds

8 power clean/ power clean and jerk* 60/80kg

8 dips

Time cap: 24 mins


5 mins to set up


Part B. Work in pairs. YGIG.

8 rounds

8 back squat  75/95kg

8 cal bike

Time cap: 20 mins



*Alternate between one round (x8 reps) of power clean and one round (x8 reps) of power clean and jerk. This will be a total of 4 rounds of each. Complete the dips for all 8 rounds.

For the PC/PC+J YGIG per REP. So, you do one power clean and then your partner does one power clean, back and forth until you have completed 8 reps EACH.

For everything else you complete ALL 8 reps (unbroken) and then your partner completes all 8 reps (unbroken).

Pick a weight that you can move fluidly and maintain form. Rep 64 should look the same as rep 1.

CF training program, phase 3, week 5 – 30/10/17 – 5/11/17

Posted 27th October 2017 by Geoff Stewart


Welcome to Week 5 of this monostructural training phase. Read more about it.

Week 5 is with us and we seem to be getting good at this pacing stuff.  Just because you’re pacing and learning your anaerobic threshold, doesn’t mean your days should be easy. We ain’t very good at programming easy workouts – you got to put some hard work in. If you feel you’re cruising and you’ve got your tempo set, this is the week to push through and ask yourself a few more questions.

A new gauge on how hard we are working is the amount of condensation we seem to be generating on the new doors…. No penis drawings on the glass please.

Deep breath  x