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CrossFit Gymnastics – November 2017

Posted 30th October 2017 by Jenna Fisher

Gymnastics November 2017

This month will take the handstand walk progression to shoulder taps against the wall. Focus on keeping a tight hollow midline and shifting your weight onto the supporting arm before lifting the other.

Last month’s push (dips) will now switch to pull with a pull up+TTB combination and legless rope climb. You can replace the pull ups with muscle ups if you are able to.

The next phase of the CrossFit programme features a deadlift and handstand push up test. I have therefore included HSPU in our programme to give you a head start πŸ™‚

Double unders also feature with some max effort attempts to see if you can increase your highest unbroken score.

And for anyone joining Maxwell for a Murph finale in 11th November open gym there are some one and a half rep push ups to give your triceps some spice.

Enjoy x

CrossFit Gymnastics – November 2017