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Crossfit Hackney Phase 4 – Andy

Posted 8th November 2017 by Geoff Stewart


Now we’ve got some sort of engine from our monostructural phase, it’s time to get some grunt as we move into Phase 4 of the master plan.  Josh has been away and sat down with the man himself Andy Bolton (so we will call this phase Andy). I’ll paint a bit of a picture: Josh is from Tasmania, Andy Bolton is (actually) from Bolton. Andy is 6 feet tall, Josh isn’t. Josh weighs in at 85kg Andy weighs in at 160kg. So these two units of manhood sat down for 3 hours over a Nandos and chewed the piri piri cud. Not surprisingly Andy’s story about being the first man to deadlift 1000LB EVER and then not being able to flex his hands full for 3 months won the night. There is a lot to be learned from a man that can deadlift 1000LB and a 3-hour meal at Nandos. This next phase will be T&A (and rightly so) involving Deadlifts and Bench Press. We’ll start with the basics and build to the 1RM just in time to help you open your Christmas presents.


You’ll notice that on Wednesdays and Sundays we will still be involving some “Energy days” – yes breathing heavily, doing longer type workouts etc. Monday, Tuesday, Friday & Saturdays will be building some strength and robustness (robustness is a word we are enjoying at present). You’ll be best served if you’re recording your numbers here as the phases will move fast. 3 phases of 2 weeks to be exact starting Monday November 13th (Geoff’s b day).


The oly lifting specifics will take a back seat for a brief spell, but not to worry, Jan / Feb will see them return and will be a chance to show us your newfound strength. Remember Rome wasn’t built in a day (nor were Maxwell’s quads).