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Heavy Metcon 15/11/2017

Posted 11th November 2017 by Jenna Fisher



This is an advanced class. You can scale the weight but you must be able to understand the programme, set up with minimal instruction, and have fun (yes, this is a pre-requisite).


Part A – the heavy stuff – 45 min time cap

Set up so you can move straight from one section to the next


Work in pairs.

Use the first three rounds of the EMOMs to build up the weight


a. 8 min EMOM – 1 back squat. 100kg (female) / 130kg (male)

b. YGIG 3 sets of 12 overhead walking lunges. 42kg (both)

c. 8 min EMOM – 2 power clean. 80kg / 90kg

d. YGIG 3 sets of 16 front rack walking lunges. 52kg

e. 8 min EMOM – 3 deadlift. 120kg / 140kg

f. YGIG 3 sets of 12 DB squat snatch 15kg


Part B – the gas – 10 min time cap


Work alone. No rest. Move fast


50 unbroken horizontal ring rows*

40 burpees

30 cal bike (alternate between 15 secs arms and legs and 15 secs just legs)

20 strict chest to bar pull ups

10 strict handstand push ups


*The rings must touch your rib cage at the top of every rep. You do not need to lock out at the bottom but you must fully extend your arms. No half reps!


Notes on how to make this work in class:

For the walking lunges there are four short 12kg bars. The groups doing the Rx weight should use these. The groups doing less than Rx can either use the short 7kg bars or a KB/DB (one for overhead and two for front rack).

The room will be clear for the overhead walking lunges as the large barbells will be out of the way on the squat racks. Half of the class can use one side of the room and the other half the other side. After the power cleans roll the bars to the side of the room out of the way for the front rack walking lunges. That said, if it is really busy you can do back lunges on the spot instead of walking lunges.

Since you need to share the bikes for the gas section you can do the first three movements in any order. For the last two movements you can either do 20 pull ups and 10 HSPU or 20 HSPU and 10 pull ups.

Enjoy x