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2018 New Year Offers

Posted 1st January 2018 by Geoff Stewart

Kick start your training in 2018 with our membership offers:

CrossFit Foundations for £100 (usually £180).
Want to start CrossFit in 2018, or know someone who does? Use the code NEWYEARFOUNDATIONS at checkout during January 2018 to buy the course for £100. More details here.

One month’s metcon (13 sessions) for £100 (usually £135).
Available to new customers only. Use the code NEWYEARMETCON at checkout during January 2018 to purchase a month’s metcon membership for £100

The discount codes are only active during January 2018 and your discounted course/month’s membership must begin during January 2018 (it cannot be held over until later in the year). Each offer is limited to one use per member and the metcon offer is open to new customers only.