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Heavy Metcon 10/01/2018

Posted 10th January 2018 by Jenna Fisher

Heavy Met-Con

This is an advanced class. You can scale the weight but you must be able to set up and work with minimal instruction. Please read the programme and come prepared.


15 rounds – 30 minute time cap

3 one and a quarter rep deadlift*  (Female: 100kg. Male: 120kg)

3 strict barbell overhead press (Female: 40kg. Male: 50kg)

45 secs assault bike (or rower)

*quarter rep is at the top


The weight is a medium (not heavy) effort because there is no rest other than the walk between stations. Quality is the priority. Focus on form rather than load.


Once you have completed the 15 rounds, rest 5-7 minutes and then complete:

10 minutes assault bike (or rower, or YGIG in teams on the sled)