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Heavy Metcon Guidelines

Posted 17th January 2018 by Jenna Fisher

luke and yoda

If you are trying to decide if this class is for you, or if you have been attending and sometimes/always need to scale the weight, these tips will help:

-This class is for advanced lifters

-You should be able to complete all of the main lifts confidently, without instruction

-You should read the programme ahead of class, be able to understand what is required, and be able to set up with minimal instruction

-You should be committed, without exception, to lifting with accurate form. Know that a conditioning class is not the time to max out on weight; have the sense to choose a load that you can lift accurately under fatigue

-Your ego should be able to cope with reducing the weight, when necessary, to maintain form

-You should know that you should not lift with an incorrect spinal position. If you feel that this is going to happen, call it a day or perform an alternative movement. In other words, know the difference between building and breaking. The effort should be hard but not destructive. Always leave some in the tank

The weight prescribed is that which is tested by the instructor ahead of publishing the programme. This is an indicator of the approximate level that is required to attend the class. It also provides a guideline for the more experienced members who can lift the same load.

You are more than welcome to attend the class and scale the weight if you have enough lifting experience to understand the points above.

Please note that the weights prescribed were not max out weights for the instructor who tested it. They were a heavy stimulus, but guaranteed lifts, without losing position. Anywhere between 60% for the higher reps and 85% for the single/low reps.  The less rest that is prescribed the lower the weight should be. It is a conditioning class. Focus on this.

This class has a great atmosphere and community. Once the safety checks are locked in, talk to your team, get stuck in, and enjoy. Training should be fun x