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Heavy Metcon 24th January

Posted 23rd January 2018 by Jenna Fisher

Heavy Met-Con

This is an advanced class.

Please read the guidelines via the link at the end.


Work in teams of three.

Stagger your start so there is no queue for the bike (or one person starts on the lunges, one on the bike, and one on the rest etc.).


8 rounds

12 barbell reverse(/back) lungesĀ  Female: 55kg Male: 70kg

24 cyclist squat (unweighted/light – move fast)

** cals assault bike

6 strict chest to bar pull ups or chin ups

90 secs rest


**cals on assault bike: reduce by 3 per round and then repeat the first on the last round:

1st round: 24 cals

2nd round: 21 cals

3rd round: 18 cals

4th round: 15 cals

5th round: 12 cals

6th round: 9 cals

7th round: 6 cals

8th round: 24 cals


Finisher: 7 mins bicep curls YGIG 3 reps


Heavy Metcon Guidelines