Heavy Metcon 10/01/2018

Jenna Fisher | 10-01-2018
This is an advanced class. You can scale the weight but you must be able to set up and work with minimal instruction. Please read the programme and come prepared. (more…)

CFH training plan 8th – 14th January 2018

Geoff Stewart | 05-01-2018
Welcome to Phase 1, week 1 of our new 2018 training plan. So here we go, week 1 of the first 2018 Crossfit Hackney training program – let's have it. No messing about with talk of parties and eating pudding, let's get involved and show it what you're made of.  This week's training isn’t going to be nice and easy, no... [Read more]

CrossFit Gymnastics – January 2018

Jenna Fisher | 03-01-2018
January's programme will dust off the Christmas cobwebs with some bicep curls and tricep extensions mixed in with the bodyweight work. There are three sections to this class. You can choose which two of these you mix and match depending on what you want to focus on. Scales are available for all levels of experience. Come and join the fun... [Read more]

Crossfit hackney training plan 2018

Geoff Stewart | 02-01-2018
So the first week of 2018 is with us and resolutions and goals are being set. As some of our longer serving members are aware, we tend to crack on about goals, targets and personal bests a little bit too often. Remember SMART goals - specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and timed. If you want some sound advice or just to... [Read more]

2018 New Year Offers

Geoff Stewart | 01-01-2018
Kick start your training in 2018 with our membership offers: CrossFit Foundations for £100 (usually £180). Want to start CrossFit in 2018, or know someone who does? Use the code NEWYEARFOUNDATIONS at checkout during January 2018 to buy the course for £100. More details here. One month's metcon (13 sessions) for £100 (usually £135). Available to new customers only. Use the code NEWYEARMETCON... [Read more]