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Heavy Metcon – 7th February

Posted 7th February 2018 by Jenna Fisher

This is an advanced class.

Please read the guidelines via the link at the end.

The boys asked for a break from legs so this week will be a short, sharp upper body blast.

(The deep heavy cave will return next week. And yes, with a lot of leg).


Push jerk: Female 55kg, Male 70kg

Bench press: Female 65kg, Male 90kg

Pull ups / chin ups: Female 10kg, Male 15kg


When you have finished part A move straight to B and then to C.


Part A – YGIG in teams of 2

4 x 5 Push jerk or bench press

3 x 15 Dips

2 x 25 Lateral raises

1 x 50 cal Assault bike (alternate 10 cal each until both have completed 50)


Part B

4 x 5 Pull ups/chin ups (weighted) or bench press

3 x 15 each arm DB hang power snatch

2 x 25 unbroken horizontal ring rows

1 x 50 cal assault bikeĀ (alternate 10 cal each until both have completed 50)


Notes on A and B:

Complete all the push jerk before you move to the dips, etc

Instead of dips, you can do kneeling DB shoulder press or push ups

Instead of bike you can do 50 cal rower or 5 mins of 30 secs work: 30 secs rest with sled push or double unders


Part C

4 – 5 rounds of

20 secs rope (external circles or alternate arm fast slams)

20 secs rest

20 secs burpees (at least 8 reps)

20 secs rest

20 secs bicep curls or AKBS

20 secs rest

Once you have finished all the rounds do 50 v-sit ups.


Heavy Metcon Guidelines