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2018 CrossFit Open – February 22nd to March 26th

Posted 8th February 2018 by Josh Schouten

It’s here again. The year has flown by and we have all become fitter, meaner and leaner. If you didn’t already know the Open is the first stage of the CrossFit Games season and the largest community event of the year. Every year, hundreds of thousands of athletes come together to compete in the worldwide, online competition.





Anyone aged 14 or older can compete. All you have to do is sign up at and log your score each week. Workouts are released on Thursdays at 5 p.m. PT, and athletes have four days to complete the workout for the week and submit their score. Scores are due before 5 p.m. PT the following Monday. Complete the workouts at a CrossFit affiliate with a judge, or film your effort from anywhere in the world and submit a link as proof.



The Open offers two versions of each workout, scaled and Rx’d. The scaled option makes the event all-inclusive. All athletes can compare their results to others worldwide, regionally, by age or within their own gyms. At Momentum, we will be holding the Open workouts on the below days. If you would like to do these workouts here is your opportunity. If you can’t make these dates you are able to complete the workouts during an allocated “open gym” time slot.

18.1- Feb. 23rd @ 7:30pm

18.2- March 2nd @ 7:30pm

18.3- March 9th @ 7:30pm

18.4- March 16th @ 7:30pm

18.5- March 23rd @ 7:30pm

Registration for the Open.


Should I compete or test?

Momentum sees the Open as a time to test your self against the workout and not necessarily against others. Yes, it’s great to get in and workout with your mates, have a laugh then go to the pub but do we need to compete? This is the question you should ask one of the coaches when you’re in the gym. We’ll help you make the best decision for you and your current level.