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Barbell Club – March 2018

Posted 24th February 2018 by Jenna Fisher

Barbell club


Phase 2 of the 3 month mesocycle brings the reps down and the load up for the main lifts.

When planning your weight consider it within the wider context of this three month journey:

Last month: 15, 8, 15, 8, 15

This month: 12, 6, 12, 6, 12, 6

Next month: 8, 4, 8, 4, 8, 4

The stance now changes for lower body – from sumo to conventional on the deadlift and from conventional to wide on the squat. This will require a slight adjustment with regards to the load as well. Make sure that you do not go so heavy on the squat that you cannot achieve depth. Remember that position, movement pattern and tempo prioritise over load.

The accessories should give a nice glute and quad burner, get the biceps ready for chin ups next month, and provide some shoulder stabilisation in preparation for what is to come.

Barbell Club – March 2018 excel

Barbell Club – March 2018 pdf