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CrossFit Gymnastics – March 2018

Posted 27th February 2018 by Jenna Fisher

Winter warmer


If you would like to switch any of these movements for muscle up practice please feel free to do so. Just be mindful of your elbows when selecting your choice.

Scales are available for all movements – beginners are welcome!


Warm up – 15 mins

Wrist and shoulder circles and stretches, push ups, ring rows etc

2 – 3 rounds each arm

Turkish get up right arm + one lap overhead KB carry

Turkish get up left arm + one lap overhead KB carry


Part A – 15 mins

5 rounds

3-4 weighted lean back pull ups / chin ups with 10 second eccentric

3-4 weighted dips with 10 second eccentric

Rest as needed


Part B –¬† 15 mins of

Heavy sled push x1 lap (or very heavy x1 length)

Handstand walk  x max effort, or handstand push ups x max effort

L-sit to straddle on low p-bars x2-3 each side


Part C – 15 mins of

5 beat swing + 3 hips to rings + 5 toe to rings

Flow jumping*


*Boxes and steps and p-bars will be set up to require you to link multiple jumps together without pausing i.e. high to low to lateral to long to burpee etc