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Heavy Metcon – 28th March

Posted 27th March 2018 by Jenna Fisher

Heavy Met-Con

This is an advanced class with minimal instruction. Please ensure that you understand the programme and all of the movements.


Part A – YGIG in pairs – 12-15 mins

1 power clean + 1 hang clean + 8 forward and backward lunge* in front rack

*Forward lunge right leg, back lunge right leg, forward lunge left leg, back lunge left leg. Repeat. 8 lunges total.

3-5 push press

Although it is YGIG make sure you have 30 secs rest between each of your sets. Build the weight, or pyramid up and then back down. Aim for 55kg female and 70kg male


___ Rest 3 mins ___


Part B – YGIG in pairs – 12-15 mins

50 double unders + 8 each arm KB overhead squat

If your double unders are not yet up to this quantity you can do 30 secs assault bike instead

Each round should take no more than 90 secs. Ensure you rest for no more than 90 secs


___ Rest 3 mins ___


Part C – Work alone (share equipment) – 12-15 mins

1 lap sled (up and back)

12 – 16 walking lunges, short bar in back rack or KB

1 length crawl

Rest as needed


___ Notes on this workout___


How ‘A’ works: You do the clean+lunge complex, then your partner does the clean+lunge complex, then you do the push press, then your partner does the push press. Repeat

Lunges: If you are unable to hold form on the lunges you must reduce the weight. Form means: correct spinal position (chest up/elbows up, no rounding forwards of upper back), front knee tracks over toes (not collapsing in), back knee and toes face forwards (not outwards), back knee positions behind hip (not under/in front of), hips remain directly under torso (not sticking out to the side or pushing the butt up and back)

KB single arm OH squat: If there is any twisting in your spine or sticking out of your hips please switch to a thruster instead

Crawl: On hands and balls of feet, knees to chest, keep your butt down, small and fast steps

Enjoy x