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Barbell Club – May 2018

Posted 22nd April 2018 by Jenna Fisher

Barbell club

During the last three months you have moved from 15,8 to 12,6 to 8,4 rep ranges, completing some solid muscle endurance and hypertrophy lifting before starting to touch upon strength.

I’m posting May’s programme early to try to encourage you to make a note of what you achieve at the end of April so that you are sure to progress in the next mesocycle that will focus on strength.


April was: 8, 4, 8, 4, 8, 4

May will be: 5 sets of 3+2+2 (1 set = 3 reps + up to 30 secs rest + 2 reps + up to 30 secs rest + 2 reps)

For the first month of the next cycle you will be performing sets of 7 reps for the A exercises. This sits between the 8,4 rep range that you are currently completing. However, these reps are split into a 3+2+2 format. Each of these mini-sets is less reps than your previous heaviest sets of 4. You should therefore be able to complete these (broken) 7 reps with more weight than your previous (unbroken) 4 reps.

Make a note of what you achieve as June will see the reps drop to 2+1+1 and will therefore expect to see an increase in load.

There are three days of programming for May so please ensure that you read them all and choose the appropriate session(s) to compliment your other classes (i.e. if you are squatting in CF try to do the deadlift class in BBC). Day C can only be completed in classes that are taught in the front room, or in open gym.

There are three options because not only is May an (almost) five-week month but we also aim to add two extra BBC classes to the Hackney timetable towards the end of the month. These classes are provisionally scheduled for 6am (in the front room) but are not yet confirmed. More information will be made available as soon as we know.

If you are experienced enough to train without instruction you can choose which workout you do in which class as long as you can set up hassle free and not cause any complications for the class setting. If you are not experienced enough to do this you must complete the workout set by the coach. Please respect the coach’s decision on this. They are a great team and know what is best to help you progress.

Enjoy x

Barbell Club – May 2018 pdf

Barbell Club – May 2018 excel