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Crossfit Hackney / Old street training plan phase 5

Posted 25th August 2018 by Geoff Stewart


New training phase – phase 5 of 2018

Phase 5 will start on the 3rd September 2018 and run for 10-12 weeks.

We will start off by introducing this new phase with some basic mantra stuff that is vitally important to the training plan and community at Momentum Training. We love a good chat about training cycle, strength gains, max effort sets, accommodation methods etc. and all your coaches are indeed training heads themselves. One thing we all have in common is that we believe that training is vitally important on many, many levels, improving health markers, fitness levels, body composition, mental fortitude and personal satisfaction but most importantly it needs to be fun and enjoyable and you’ll want to keep on doing it. We don’t design 8-12-week body blasts (although you’ll get a pretty good result in that time), instead we plan for a longer game with a GPP program.

That said into our 5th training phase of 2018. You’ll be building up your foundation with a longer adaption phase than normal and then switch toward the end of the phase to an intensification phase where you’ll be looking to lift some new 5rpm max figures as well as working on your anaerobic threshold and some wod speed.  We are going to start you in with some higher repetitions, 10-15 super setting before dropping down to some more functional 3-5 reps supersets. There is good evidence that says if you’re involved in any kind of endurance sport or higher volume activity it’s vital to work at these lowered numbers as increasing your 1rpm % will increase tendon and ligament strength and greatly decrease the risk of injury. There will be a good spread of Olympic lifting in the form of complexes and repeated effort sets, all to improve form and position over varied stresses. Your engines will be tested with some work to rest sets, where we will be looking for a big effort and some speed with lots of recovery as well as the normal smorgasbord of wods and fun.

We can look after the training plan but there are also a number of other factors that are out of our control and that we would like you to be mindful of in this phase to really increase those gains.

  1. Good quality nutrition
  2. Good quality sleep
  3. Consistency in training and all things
  4. Keeping stress at minimal levels

So, in summation you’re going to be training hard, having fun, looking and feeling great. Now that’s what we call a training plan x