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Heavy Metcon 29/8/2018

Posted 29th August 2018 by Josh Schouten

Warm up because you know you need to!!

10 minutes working on your own:
10 power cleans
10 calories (bike)
10 DB shoulder to overhead
10 calories (row)

Working in teams of three:
30 seconds work, 1 minute rest.
Station 1: power cleans (50-70 kilos)
Station 2: bike (never stop moving)
Station 3: deadlifts (90-120 kilos)
Station 4: rower (never stop moving)
Station 5: DB shoulder to overhead (12.5-22.5kilos – don’t put them down)
Station 6: burpee pull ups (never stop moving)

In your teams of three, team member 1 works max effort for 30 seconds then rests while team members 2 and 3 go.

6 minutes per station.

Enjoy x