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Weightlifting – September

Posted 29th August 2018 by Josh Schouten

Hello and welcome to the Oly lifting handover! I have some big shoes to fill and am sure we will all make Calum proud. 

The biggest difference between Calum and I is that I very much welcome hugs and love a dance-off…

The last few weeks you have been testing out various lifts, hitting new PBs and maxing out. This should have given you a sense of where you are with your numbers. 

As of September 3rd, we will start a new 3-month cycle, with the 1st month really focusing on complexes, emphasising technical work in both lifts, at moderate weight with a higher intensity. The idea is to break down the lifts to find our strengths and weaknesses. It is nice and simple and if you don’t know your percentages it really doesn’t matter! The 1st month we are focused on movement quality!  

Each individual can base each session on how they feel that day to get to that comfortable weight. 

Let’s get this party started and let the new PHASE COMMENCE!! 




September’s Program