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Barbell Club – September 2018

Posted 30th August 2018 by Jenna Fisher

Barbell club


This is the third month of our five-month cycle and the reps now start to reduce to prepare you for the last two months of heavy lifts.

Barbell Club Programme – September 2018

The A exercises reduce from 12 reps to 8 and these are now paired with an accessory to give a post-exhaust burn. This will also keep some focus on hypertrophy before the programme moves towards strength next month.

The paused Bulgarian split squats remain for another month, moving to part A of session 1 so that there is no avoiding them. The few people who did do them last month can be exempt: Sarah B, Nick M, Gesa K – you can choose your favourite alternative πŸ™‚

Two of the sessions include a 10-1 ladder superset for which you will need to pair up for a YGIG format. Note that YGIG means that as soon* as your partner has completed their set you should start yours (not after a few minutes chat).

As ever, all sessions have been tested and timed so you should be able to get through it as long as you do not extend the rest.

Note your weights in order to get the best out of the following final months.

Enjoy x