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Crossfit training program 10/9/18-16/9/18

Posted 7th September 2018 by Geoff Stewart


Welcome to Phase 5, week 2 of our 2018 training plan.

How are you feeling people? got any new aches and pains from week 1? This week you’ll be repeating your basic lifts and numbers so you’ll looking to add a few more kilos to the bar and holding the rep ranges. You’ll be working smoothly, consistanlly working your positions and solidity on your olympic lifting complexes.


We have a few short WODs and some YGIG partner WODs let try and move faster when your working and earn your rest periods.


Good luck, be strong, be safe and be happy.


A. 12min to complete

A1: Back Squat 4×10-12 @ 40×0

A2: Pull ups x 6-8 @ 41×0 (scales)


B.12min to complete

B2: Step up with leg drive 4x15el @ 20×0

B2: BB Bent Over Row x 4×15 @ 31×1


C.12min EMOM

10x 1no DB thrusters

10x T2B /K2E/ K2P / Leg raise


D. WOD. 6min AFAP – total reps score please.

Air squat x30

DUx60 or 60seconds



A. 12min warm up complex

Snatch High pull x3,3,2,2,1,1

Snatch Power clean x3,3,2,2,1,1

Squat snatch x3,3,2,2,1,1

OHS x3,3,2,2,1,1

Snatch balance x3,3,2,2,1,1

Build weight rest as needed.


B.20mmin E2MO2M

Odd:  Power Snatch x3 @50-60% – fast and solid

Even: Snatch balance + OHS 1+2 – solid and stable


C.6min – with partner

*Box jumps

Alt reps with a partner you are aiming to jump and land tall on your box, aiming for 3 reps (or less) each per minute each.



With partner alt reps AFAP

10 wall balls each



A.Rolling EMOM 16min

4mins @ each @ 70% of Power Clean

Power Clean x 3

Hang Clean x 3

Thrusters x 3

Front Squat x 5


B.8 Min EMOM

Even: Thrusters x 5 -medium

Odd: Row / Bike x 10cal -AFAP


C. 8 Min

Power Clean x 6 – medium

Pull Ups x 12

D. 8 Min

DB Walking Lunges x6el

Burpee x 12


Thursday – Gymnastics



A. 12min to complette

A1: Deadlifts 4×6- @ 40×0

A2: Bench press 4×10-12 @ 41×0


B. 12min to complette

B2: Walking lunges 4x12el @ 20×0

B2: seated DB OH press x 4×15 @ 3010


C.12min alt reps with partner

Deadlifts -100-70kg

Press up

1,2,3,4,5,6 >12min



A. 12min warm up complex

High pull x3

Power clean x3

Front squat x3

Squat clean x3

Split jerk x3

Build weight rest as needed.


B. 20mmin E2MO2M

Odd:  Squat or Power clean x3

Even: Power clean + Split jerks 1+2


C. 16min

Teams of 3 complete

Run 400mtrs each as team

180 Kb swings

Bike 180 cals team

180 Kb squat

Row 180 cals team

180 Kb push press

Reps must be equally divided if you finish -repeat AMRAP



A. YGIG 8 min

Push Press x 7 -medium

DU x 21


Rest 2 min


B. YGIG 8 min

TTB x 7

Bike x 14 cal


Rest 2 min


C. YGIG 8 min

Press Up x 7

Run 200m


Rest 2 min


D. FLOW 20 mins continuous movements:

400m Run

FLR 60 sec

400m Row

20 Double Crunch / V-up

400m bike

DB 100m Farmers walk