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Crossfit training program 17/9/18-23/9/18

Posted 15th September 2018 by Geoff Stewart


Welcome to Phase 5, week 3 of our 2018 training plan.

Is it really week 3 already? It’s great so see some many of you working so hard. These first few weeks have a lot of volume and sometimes it might feel a bit like a metcon, this isn’t a bad thing people. If you feel you need a rest and need to miss a set, do.  The rep numbers are coming down a little and the sets are going up. I’ve got to say it again, folks: these are WORKING sets, not warm up sets. We also need to give you a reminder that everything can be scaled down as well as up, one of our most used phases is “leave your ego at the door”.


This week you are looking at some gassy EMOMs and WODs. Be sensible: choose a weight you can keep moving. We don’t want you having  to break down the rep ranges or the complex because you’ve gone to heavy.


“Leave your ego at the door”


A.15min to complete

A1: Back Squat 5×8-10 @ 40×0

A2: Pull ups x 5×5 @ 4xx1 (weighted and scales)


B 12min to complete

B2: Rev drop lunge alt 4x12el @ 1010

B2: 1arm DB BOR x 4x12ea @ 20×1


C.10min YGIG with partner

10x front rack KB squats

5x burpees with forward jump for distance


D WOD. if time allows.

500mtr row for time



A.12min warm up complex

Snatch High pull x1

Power Snatch x1

Hang power or Squat snatch x2

Build weight rest as needed.


B.12mmin EMOM -speed and position

Odd:  Hang Power snatch x3 @50-60%

Even: Snatch + OHS  x1+2



10 T2B /K2E /Leg raise/heel taps

20x wall balls -9/7

40x DU 0r 45 seconds of singles



A. Rolling EMOM 16min

Deadlifts x7

Power clean x5

Push press x3

Thrusters x1


B.4 min MXRPS

Deadlifts x 6

Press ups x12

rest 4min

C.4 min MXRPS

Power Clean x 6

2xDB STOH x 12

rest 4mins

D.4 min MXRPS

Push press x6

Air squats x 12

rest 4mins

E. 4 mins

Thrustes x6

Ring rows x12


Thursday – Gymnastics



A.15min to complete

A1: Deadlifts 5×4- 6@ 40×0

A2: Bench press 5×8-10 @ 41×0


B. 12min to complete

B1: DB RDL 4×12 @ 20×0

B2:  seated OHP 4×12 @ 3010


c.12min alt reps with partner

2xDb walking lunges x20

2xDb zombie press x10

*zombie press is 2dbs ground to OH without touching you.

D. WOD, if time allows.

1min on bike ME kcals



A.12min warm up complex

Clean High pull x1

Power clean x1

Hang power or squat clean x2

Build weight rest as needed.


B. 12min EMOM

Odd:  Hang Power clean x3

Even: Push jerk + Split jerks 1+2


C. 16mins – Partner workout

1min on 1min off

4mins- power clean – moderate

4mins -rowing or bike

4min- push press -modorate

4mins Bike or rower

rest 4mins

C2. 8mins partner workout

30sec on 30sec off

2min – pull ups -scale to keep going

2min- air squats

2min press ups

2min air squats



20mins Working in teams 3

The bike or rower is always moving whilst a round of CINDY is being done when round is done change over

Bike or Row

1x round Cindy

5x pull ups

10x press ups

15x air squats



20mins working

working with a partner in a tag team

Block run and traveling burpees

*Run Back door to front door then do traveling burpees from front of main arch to back of arch to tag your partner