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Weightlifting – October

Posted 19th September 2018 by Josh Schouten


Everyone has been putting in the work these last few weeks and I am super stoked with all the enthusiasm and effort from everyone!!
I have made a few notes and in turn have tweaked next month’s programming accordingly. We are going to work on snappy, quick turnovers, shrugging those traps and getting nice and tall! Also, focusing on getting used to feeling comfortable and stable in the catch position.
This month more sets, a few less reps (not in the squats, sorry Dom) and MORE FUN. Lets squeeze those tucchus (yiddish for butts just in case you didn’t know)
We are starting this new phase on Sat 29 September! BRING IT.
Lastly, if you are interested to try out some lifting, this class is for everyone. No one bites, you just have to deal with my loud laugh and bad jokes. It could be worse…(or not)
Peace out