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Crossfit training program 24/9/18-30/9/18

Posted 21st September 2018 by Geoff Stewart


Welcome to Phase 5, week 4 of our 2018 training plan.

Week 4. Another week under those ever tightening belts. Our basic lifts and numbers are the same as last week so keep it simple make sure your form is good and you’re moving well. Remember the key to this phase is building an even bigger, better, more solid foundation. We are hunting out the BURN on some of the YGIG – and not talking sun burn, people.

You’ll need to be organised this week. Make sure your equipment is ready and in the right place. When setting up please be mindful of your fellow members’ working space, equipment and health and safety in general…


“leave your ego at the door”.


A.15min to complete

A1: Back Squat 5×8-10 @ 40×0

A2: Pull ups x 5×5 @ 41×0 (scales)


B 12min to complete

B2: Rev drop lunge alt 4x12el @ 20×0

B2: 1arm DB BOR x 4x12ea @ 20×1


C. 6min YGIG

10x DB box step ups (5el)


D.6min YGIG

10x horizontal ring rows


E. 4min YGIG

20x air squats



A.12min warm up complex

Snatch High pull x1

Power Snatchx1

Hang power or Squat snatchx2

Build weight rest as needed.


B.12mmin EMOM

Odd:  Power or squat Snatch x3 @50-60%

Even: Snatch+OHS 1+2



*Working with a partner E2MO2M

1xround Cindy

Power clean and jerk remaining time

@50% 1rm

*1 partner is working for 2min the other resting the aim is to work fast, earn your rest and maintain a good number on the CnJ.



A.EMOM 10min -light

Deadlifts x2

Hang power clean x2

Push press x2

Thrusters x2


B.25min to complete

40x pull ups -scales

400mtr run

40x hang power cleans (45/30)

400mtr run

40x Push press

400mtr run

40x thrusters

400mtr run

40 T2B -scales

400mtr run

rest 4mins

If you have time

C. 3x

20 BB curls

20 banded tricep extensions


Thursday – Gymnastics



A. 15min to complete

A1: Deadlifts 5×4- 6@ 40×0

A2: Bench press 5×8-10 @ 41×0


B. 12min to complete

B1: DB RDL 4×12 @ 20×0

B2: Pike press ups or Seated OHP x 4×12 @ 3010


C.16min mins with partner E2MO2M (8rounds)

Odd: 5x ring dips or 10x hand release press ups and 30xDU / 45 seconds singles

Even: Row / bike 70% effort



A.12min warm up complex

Clean High pull x1

Power clean x1

Hang power or squat clean x2

Build weight rest as needed.


B.12mmin EMOM

Odd:  Hang Power clean x3

Even: Push jerk + Split jerks 1+2


C.5 rounds – AFAP

5x Thrusters @42.5/35

10xbox jumps 24/20


rest 5mins


D. 5rounds – AFAP

20x wall balls 9/7

10x Burpee



A.12mins E2MO2M -build weight

BB warm up complex

Snatch high pull x1

Power snatch x1

Clean high pull x1

Power clean x1

Front squat x1

Push press x1


B.*12mins E2MO2M (6rounds)

Power snatch x3

Power clean x6

Thrusters x9

*move smoothly and UB, choose your weight wisely.


C.20mins work

“Fight Back”

5 Rounds:

1 Min Kettlebell Swings 32/20

1 Min KB Reverse Lunges

1 Min Calorie Bike /Row

1 Minute Rest