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Barbell Club – October 2018

Posted 30th September 2018 by Jenna Fisher

Barbell club

October brings the first of the final two months of this cycle. All your hard work of the last three months will start to come together with the chance to increase the weight and see what you can do.


After last month’s sets of 8 you now move down to 5s and 2s. There is much less sweat and more rest to enable you to increase the load. Guidelines on how to approach this are on the programme spreadsheet. Start conservative in the first week and build through the month.

The B exercises have been included to help your muscle learn to contract faster. Bear in mind that if the movement you choose is too difficult/heavy you will not achieve the speed required to benefit from this. Your coach can guide you on an appropriate movement/ scale/ weight if you are unsure.

This is one month in the year when the whole programme as prescribed is not appropriate for beginners. Please do still attend and the coach will prescribe you the appropriate rep range for part A and alternative format for part B.

Barbell Club – October 2018 – Programme Spreadsheet pdf

Barbell Club – October 2018 – Programme Spreadsheet excel

Enjoy x