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Heavy Metcon 3/10/18

Posted 1st October 2018 by Geoff Stewart

Comfortable with the uncomfortable…?

This is an advanced class. The main lifts are with barbells. You must know how to perform these movements without instruction and be confident in holding form whilst under fatigue. Other than that, all are welcome


This is an old but gold workout from back in the early days of HMC. Make sure warm up really well for your first super set. Choose your weights wisely, your 3 reps lifts are heavy but its a long set, your 6 reps need to be lighter but your needing to move faster and when you hit your 12 rep set – fast with form.

Good luck  x


12min Warm up for the workout below.

3x Deadlifts – build your weight up to a solid 3rpm

12xBanded pull a parts

3x bench press – build your weight up to a solid 3rpm

12x banded RDL


24mins -YGIG

3x deadlifts

3x bench press


12min- YGIG

6x rev lunges

6x dips


6min  – on your own

12x kb swings

12x press ups