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Crossfit training plan 8/10/18- 14/10/18

Posted 5th October 2018 by Geoff Stewart


Welcome to Phase 5, week 6 of our 2018 training plan.

Week 6. Same sort of theme as week 5, please. Strong and solid on your primary lifts. Be mindful of the volume and earn your rest.


“Leave your ego at the door.”


A. 15min to complete

A1: Back Squat 5×6-8 @ 40×0

A2: Pull ups x 5×3-5 @ 41×0 (scales / weighted)


B 12min to complete

B2: DB step up 4x8el @ 20×0

B2: BB BOR x 4×8 @ 20×1


C.12min EMON

Odd.KB squats x15

Even: Iso ring dip holds with turn out 30/45sec


D. 8mins Alt rounds with a partner

5x HR press ups / press ups

5x Horizontal ring rows / ring rows



A. 16min snatch complex

Snatch High pull x1

Squats Power Snatchx1

OHS x2


B. 16min EMOM – medium

odd Hang power / squat snatch x3

even Drop snatch x3


C. Working with a partner YGIG, as many rounds as possible in 16min

Row or Bike 15/ 20cals

Deadlifts x10 -100/70kg

Over bar burpees x10

Row or Bike 15/ 20cals

*P1 will do the ALL exercise AFAP then P2 AFAP, P1, P2 etc



A. 12 mins -light

Suitcase Kb deadlifts x5each side

Kb clean x5each side

Kb squats x5each side

Kb push press x5 each side

rest as needed BR


B. 36mins

Run 800mtrs

5 rounds

10ea xKb cleans -medium

10ea xKb thursters

Run 400mtrs

5 rounds

10ea xKb Squats

10ea xKb push press

Run 800mtrs


In remaining time

12x Kb curls

12x sit ups


Thursday – Gymnastics



A.15min to complete

A1: Deadlifts 5×3- 5@ 40×0

A2: Bench press 5×6-8 @ 41×0


B. 12min to complete

B1: BB walking lunges 4×12 @ 20×0

B2: Neg HSPU or BB OHP 4×4-8 @5010


C. 3-4 rounds (time depending)

20x RKB swings -heavy

30x wall balls

50x plate jumps (25KG)

“fast feet”



A. 16min Clean complex – with a partner

Clean High pull x1

Power clean x1

Squat clean and Jerk x2


B.16min EMOM – medium

odd Hang power / squat clean x3

even push jerk x3


C. 8-10 RFT

30x Double Unders or 45seconds singles

3x Hang Power Cleans – Mx60/40

2x Hang Squat Clean

1x Thruster



A.10 min

6x Turkish Get Up -light

Skipping 60 seconds-try out the heavy ropes


B. 15 Mins of:

Min 1: 200m Run or Row

Min 2:10x Ring Dip or press ups

Min 3: 12-15x Burpee


C. 15 Mins of:

Min 1: 200m Run or row

Min 2: 10x DB Hang Clean

Min 3: 12-15x V-Ups


D. 10 min

5x extended centipede walkouts

20x Db curls -4 second eccentric