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Gymnastics competition scores – practice week

Posted 10th October 2018 by Jenna Fisher

After the nerves and excitement (and “admirable” number of questions from 6am) the creases were ironed out during last week’s practice and we have a solid plan for the rest of the month’s competition.

6am v 8am scores are detailed on the attached spreadsheet. See where the points are being scored and how you can strategise to turn the tables and take the top spot.


(8am clinched the deal but there is time for 6am to reverse the success as the scores will only be accumulated for the real competition from week’s 2, 3 and 4. 8am also had the advantage of negotiating the addition of the upscale rope climbs and strict bar muscle up after 6am had already completed their test).

Gymnastics scores – October 2018 – 6am v 8am

Every rep counts so even if you missed the first week do come and contribute to your team! It was super fun during the practice run and is a great way to make some new mates. Plenty of scales are available. The scoring system is on the spreadsheet and individual score sheets are available in class  for you to track your reps.

If you are new to the class you can see the original blog post for details. You can choose to either compete against yourself to improve each week, to compete in small teams within your class, or to join in the 6am/8am stand off.

CrossFit Gymnastics – October

The creases ironed out from the practice run:

-Handstand walk begins with your heels touching the end of the green from the front room and walking to the line in the floor at the end of the third rack in the back room

-HSPU is done to a mat so that I can see your head touching it (rather than bashing the floor). Deficit category was added with hands on a total of 30kg stacked on each side (a 20kg and 10kg plate)

-An extra HSPU scale was added to include two ab mats under your head to reduce the range

-A rope climb upscale was added to include beginning from a seated position on the floor and not using your feet

-Points system for freestanding handstand amended to be 50 for every 5 secs

-STRICT bar muscle up category added!

-Weighted dips are only counted with a 10kg plate added – you do not get double points for a 20kg pate

-If you can do muscle ups you can not get points for completing any of the scaled movements – too easy!!


Good luck for the rest of the month! x