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Gymnastics – Competition Scores – Week 1

Posted 11th October 2018 by Jenna Fisher

Both the 6am and 8am teams improved their scores massively this week – one just over and one just under doubling them!

The tables were turned however, with 8am’s sizeable lead in the practice run being reversed by 6am this week.

With a prize for the winner thrown into the ring there is everything to play for now.

No matter what your experience or ability every person makes a difference in racking up the reps and scores. No need to be scared – scaled movements do count. Come and join a team!

Gymnastics – Competition Scores – October 

Points to ponder from week 1:

There were some questionable definitions of ‘strict’. I will continue to police.

No, bicep curls do not score points! (Perhaps I’ll add in the last week as a finisher…)

Seconds for the handstand holds are only counted during the time when you are holding at the top – the kick up and fall down seconds do not count!

Next week, handstand holds must all be initiated with a kick up rather than some being a pull off from the wall

Points for rope climbs and handstand holds have been adjusted to be more fair so please check the spreadsheet for this


Come loaded with a strategy to get the most out of the points system next week. Most of all, enjoy! It is just a bit of fun xx


p.s. good luck to the evening classes tonight!!