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Gymnastics – Competition Scores – Week 2

Posted 22nd October 2018 by Jenna Fisher

It’s hotting up!

This month’s gymnastics classes have been challenged with accumulating as many points as they can over the month to compete with the other classes for a team trophy and prize.

After a practice week (week zero), 6am won the first competition and 8am won the second. Now they go head-to-head in the final week to claim the title.

Gymnastics – Competition Scores Week 2 – October 


Final results aside, the performances by all members have been outstanding. From week zero through to the end of week 2, the 6am class increased their points by 5,821, and the 8am class by 5,768. Both teams managed this despite losing some team members to illness.

6am won the first week by 1,181 points. 8am claimed the second by 1,095. Overall this leaves them a mere 86 points apart, with 6am totalling 19,488 and 8am 19,402.

They will welcome all the help they can get in this final week so if you have not made it to class this month you have one more chance to join the team and contribute to their reps.

All levels of experience are welcome. All movements – including scales (ring rows, push ups etc. including assault bike bonus points) – contribute to the final score.

(No need to be scared if you are new to these classes. It is a totally casual and fun ‘competition’ and only your coach needs to know your individual score if you prefer. Both teams are super friendly and always like to welcome new mates!).

There will be some new movements and penalty points to spice up the final week:

-Back lever

-Turkish get up with 0.5 x bw

-Bonus points for extra distance handstand walk

-Penalty: 5 burpees for every failed rep in workout 1

-Scaled: 30 sec eccentric chin up

See you all on Thursday for the big reveal x