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Crossfit Program 29/10/18 – 4/11/18

Posted 26th October 2018 by Geoff Stewart


Welcome to Phase 5, week 9 of our 2018 training plan.

Week 9. It’s getting even tastier this week. We want you to build your weights on your main lifts. This doesn’t mean start light, it means start with a GOOD weight and build on it. Your final set should be pretty close to failure (but remember we ain’t doing failure).


There are some nice secondary lifting sets and some breathing WODs this week with a good degree of volume. If the number is high (10+ reps) don’t go too heavy: aim to go consistently and UB.


“leave your ego at the door”.


A.20min to complete

A1. Back Squat 5×5

A2. Pull ups x 5×5

* we would like you build the weight as you work through these set your last sets should at least 85%+ 1rpm


B.8min YGIG with partner

5x 1 1/4 back squats

*this isn’t a race if you need to rest to maintain great form take it.


C. 8min YGIG with partner

Mx strict pulls ups


D. 3 rounds

21 wall balls

21 wall ball mountain climbers

21 wall ball squats

21 wall ball sit ups



A.12min snatch complex

Snatch pull x1

Squats or power Snatch x1

OHS x1


B. 12min EMOM – work with a partner -70%+

Hang power or hang squat squat snatch x1


C. 12min YGIG EMOM

30sec ME bike

30sec L sit holds


D. 12min YGIG EMOM

30sec ME Rower

30sec Pronated horizonal ring holds

*30seconds work then 30seconds to change over with your partner



A.3 rounds 1min between rounds

16x KB squats

8x ring dips or press ups

16x Kb swings

8x pull ups or ring rows


rest 4 mins and get set up

B. 800mtr run

21 KB or DB power cleans -heavy

400mtr run with wall ball

21 box jumps step down or jump overs

400mtr run with wall ball

21 wall balls


rest 4mins pack up and get set up


C. 3 rounds

16x DB curls @4010

8x burpees

16x tricep banded ext @1013

8x burpees


Thursday – Gymnastics



A. 20min to complete

A1: Deadlifts 5×3- 5

A2: Bench press 5×5

* we wold like you build the weight as you work through these sets your last sets should at least 85%+ rpm


B. 8min YGIG

YGIG with a partner

3x ring or box dips

*pause at top of each rep.


C. 8min YGIG BB or DB

12x Reverse drop lunges


D.12min work / rest E2MO2M AMRAP

8x Deadlifts @100/70kg

8x bar facing burpees

*P1 will work for 2min P2 will rest then go….start were you finished each round



A. 16min Clean complex

Power clean x1

Hang squat clean x1

split jerk x2


B. 12min EMOM – Work with a partner YGIG @ 70%+

Hang power clean or hang squat clean x1


C. Working with a partner 4min per stations

Ski erg -10/12

10xDB Thruster -medium

rest 2mins

Bike -12/15

10xKb swings -heavy

rest 2mins

Rowing -10/12

10xDB OH press – medium



A. 12min BB complex

9x deadlifts

6x power cleans

3x push press

build up to a max for the complex


B. Working with a partner YGIG relay style

4eax Run 200mtrs

4xea Farmers carry 2x lengths of gym -heavy you can you trap bars..

4xea 100 DU or 75seconds

4xea Double kb rack hold 60seconds

4xea 40air squats

4xea Db plank walk 1xlength gym

4xea 20x burpees