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Gymnastics – Competition Scores – Week 3 Final

Posted 31st October 2018 by Jenna Fisher

Although there was only one overall winner, the best outcomes of October’s competition were the progressive achievements from everyone who took part, as well as the amazing team building to work together to achieve a goal.  In fact, the final week was so exciting that a runner-up prize was added to celebrate the bro love x


Winners: 8am. Prize: Trophy and £200 to spend on a night out together

Runners-up: 6am. Prize: Trophy and £100 to spend on a night out together


It was an incredibly close call with 6am winning the first week; 8am winning the second but with 6am still staying ahead on overall score; and then 8am coming from behind on the final week.


Highlights of the improvements achieved:


6am practice week: 4,420 points from 9 participants

6am 1st week: 9,247 points from 12 participants (increase of 4,827 points)

6am 2nd week: 10,397 points from 13 participants (increase of 1,150 points)

6am 3rd and final week: 15,200 points from 16 participants (increase of 4,803 points)

Total increase from practice to final scores: 10,780 points!!


8am practice week: 5,568 points from 12 participants

8am 1st week:  8,066 points from 10 participants (increase of  2,498 points)

8am 2nd week:  11,336 points from 11 participants (increase of 3,270 points)

8am 3rd and final week: 18,173 points from 17 participants (increase of 6,837 points) – this doesn’t include Anwar’s score*

Total increase from practice to final scores: 12,605 points

*Anwar’s score was deducted from the final week since some additional movements were added to the list of  options that only he could perform (full back lever 30 secs, full back lever 60 secs, Turkish get up with 0.5x bw, plus the strict bar muscle up from previous weeks)


Detailed scores can be reviewed here (do feel free to notify me of any mistakes):

Gymnastics – Final Competition Scores – October 2018


All the scores show how each individual improved their performance each week as well as how each team came together to strategise on how to gain the most points from their strengths.

Excellent job teams! Enjoy your success xx