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Crossfit program 5/11/18 -11/11/18

Posted 2nd November 2018 by Geoff Stewart


Welcome to Phase 5, week 10 of our 2018 training plan.

Week 10. Congratulations! You have come a long way. We are moving into the last few weeks of this phase and, as with last week’s post, you might need to pick and choose your workout and words a bit this week. If you’re tired, got a bit of a cold, some aches and pains that might be taking a little bit to long to go away… it might be time to back up a little and have a look at what you’re doing for recovery.

“leave your ego at the door”.


A. 20min to complete

A1. Back Squat 5×5

A2. Pull ups x 5×5

* we wold like you build the weight as you work through these set your last sets should at least 85%+ rpm


B. 6min YGIG with partner

5x 1 1/4 back squats

*this isn’t a race if you need to rest to maintain great form take it.


C. 6min YGIG with partner

Mx strict pulls ups


D. Teams 3 follow leader 6min each station

Ski erg

30sec each

Bike arms only




A. 12min snatch complex

Snatch pull x1

Squats or power Snatch x1

OHS x1


B. 12min EMOM – work with a partner -70%+

Hang power or hang squat squat snatch x1


C. AMRAP 11 minutes of:

30 Double-under’s /60seconds

7 Toes-to-bar /scales

7 Dumbbell Squats -heavy

7 Dumbbell Push Press -heavy


D. 3 rounds

20x rev crunches @4010

20x Db lateral raise @3010



A. 12min YGIG work

A1 power clean x3

A2 squat clean x2

A3 Squat clean and press x1


rest 4 mins and get set up


B. 24 mins  -sensible weight

3min Ski erg Max distance

rest 1min

3min Power clean MxReps

rest 1 min

3min Row Max distance

rest 1min

3min Squat cleans MxReps

rest 1min

3min Bike Max distance

rest 1 min

3min Push jerk Mx reps

Thursday – Gymnastics



A. 20min to complete

A1: Deadlifts 5×3- 5

A2: Bench press 5×5

* we wold like you build the weight as you work through these sets your last sets should at least 85%+ rpm


B. 8min YGIG

YGIG with a partner

3-5x HSPU or piked press ups


C. 8min YGIG DB

16x Walking lunges


D. 2x4min rounds

16x AKBS

16x press ups


2min to change over


E. 16x step ups (8el)

16x ring rows



A. 16min Clean complex

Power clean x1

Hang squat clean x1

split jerk x2


B. 16min EMOM – medium

0dd. power /squat clean x2

Even. push jerk and split jerk x1+1


C. 15min teams 4 peeps in a follow the leader format.

1x power clean and press -medium to heavy

5x air squats

2x power clean and press

10x air squats

3xpower clean and press

15x air squats

4x power clean and press

20x air squats


*choose a good weight, your team can do, it should be heavy-ish but you should be able to move UB..



A. 12 min YGIG exercise with partner

3x Power cleans

6x burpee

3x clean and press

6x pull ups


B. 6min YGIG with partner

Ski erg 10/12cals

10x Hang power cleans

2min reset

Bike 10/12cals

10x Burpee pull ups or burpee to target

2min reset

Ski erg 10/12cals

5/10x HSPU or dips

2min reset

Run 200 meters

10x double KB heavy DL