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Weightlifting – November

Posted 5th November 2018 by Josh Schouten

Everyone has been working hard and hitting great shapes. The atmosphere in the classes has been nothing but fun and electric!

 We now have 3 Oly classes per week, Monday,  Thursdays and Saturdays! WOOO! Beginner, intermediate and advanced are all welcomed and encouraged to come.

Lifters, we are in the last month of our 12-week cycle and the next 5 weeks we are keeping things simple, more sets, fewer reps and starting to work at higher percentages. 

Week 4 we are going back to keeping it a bit lighter with complexes this is because we are planning to max out in week 5. Don’t worry, if you aren’t keen to max out, you can still come along and work on various drills, complexes around each lift and support the other lifters who are maxing out.

Be smart, if you plan to MAX OUT in week 5, be wise with your training schedule!

As the gym is getting colder, we will take more time in the warm-up, to make sure we aren’t FREEZING cold before we lift.




November – Program