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Heavy Metcon 21/11/2018

Posted 20th November 2018 by Geoff Stewart


This is an advanced class. The main lifts are with barbells. You must know how to perform these movements without instruction and be confident in holding form whilst under fatigue. Other than that, all are welcome!

This week we are going to ask you to really dig into the meat of this workout- that means work hard don’t pace it live your life.  The warm up is vital so you can hit the meat with gusto and cool down should be needed.


A. 5 mins – mobility and activation

B. 10mins -power clean and rowing  / bike

*build your weight build your intensity to a point were your ready to hit it.


Working with a partner E2MO2M alt exercises for 20mins. Work the exercises as hard and as fast as you can earn what ever rest period you have left

12x High hang power clean and press Rx 65/45kg or heavier.

300 meter row / Bike AFAP



10mins – Movement complex flow